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Green Roof

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Planted Green roofs cover a majority of the low roof surfaces at Manitoba Hydro Place and offer a number of critical benefits.

- Additional insulative value, protection from solar gain in the summer, and heat loss in Winnipeg’s long extreme winters.

- The mass of the soil and plant material and the integrated tray system work together to retain rainwater before slowly releasing whatever water the plants do not absorb back into the city system.

- Green roofs help to mitigate the urban “heat island effect” by minimizing heat absorption at the roof surface, and effectively transpiring water back into the local environment.

- The protective layer formed by the green roof medium also helps to protect the roof membrane and effectively extend its life.

Green roofs at Manitoba Hydro Place also provide the vital function of providing amenity to the Hydro Place staff.  Exterior terrace surfaces nestle against the green roof surfaces and provide a pleasing backdrop for meeting, gathering and working spaces.

Indigenous and drought hardy plant species were carefully located on the green roof’s 4 quadrants, based on the site’s inherent sun and wind exposure, and rain shadowing.  A gridded texture of conifers, wildflowers and native grasses ensure that the texture and colour of the green roof will continue to change and morph with the passing of the season.  The patterning of the green roof, when viewed from the tower above, represents an abstraction of the southern Manitoba landscape when viewed from the air.

Irrigation water for the green roof is drawn as required from collection cisterns located in the building’s parkade.  Excess water is collected during the summer months from condensate trays in fan coil units throughout the building.  This approach provides additional benefit of providing water during the hot summer months when it is needed most, and it aids in diverting water which would normally be bound for the City’s wastewater system.

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