Manitoba Hydro Place: Climate Responsive Architecture Consortium
Biodynamic Double Facade

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A biodynamic double facade on the west and east facades creates a high performance envelope which reduces heating/cooling loads by providing a tempered buffer to extreme outdoor temperatures. Operable windows on the inner and outer walls of the double facade permit natural ventilation at seasonally appropriate times of the year.

Each tower slab has three distinct exterior faces. These are associated with the two envelope assemblies; Double Wall (east and west facades), and high performance Single Wall. The North and South atrium enclosures, that join the two tower slabs, are paired assemblies as well, using an enlarged double wall cavity as the towers preconditioning space. The Solar Chimney cladding is present both externally and internally, which is accomplished by combining a high performance insulated panel system with a simple single glazed unitized system whereby the insulated panel would be deleted at interior conditions.

The podium's main cladding system is primarily a wrap of local limestone (Tyndal stone) contained within zinc wrap. Secondary systems are the entry gallery's clear span glass mullion facade and the retail glazing at grade. The connection between the tower and the podium is made through a recessed system, which has two levels of performance. Under the East tower slab is a high performance glazed assembly and is proximate to occupied Manitoba Hydro space. Under the west tower slab it is typical of the exterior glazing in the tower's double wall assemblies - a simple double glazing IGU assembly.

Related Performance Goals:

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