Manitoba Hydro Place: Climate Responsive Architecture Consortium

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The foundation of the building’s heating and cooling system is the geothermal system, a closed loop system consisting of 280 boreholes, six inches in diameter, 400 feet deep, interspersed between the building's foundation piles and caissons. Each borehole contains tubing filled with gylcol encased in thermally enhanced grout. In summer the glycol extracts heat from the building and returns it to the ground. The same type of heat drawn from the earth is used to warm the radiant slabs during colder temperatures. The geothermal conditioned glycol passes through a complex series of heat pumps and exchangers to maximize efficiency. Conditioned water is circulated in tubes in the exposed ceiling slabs, providing 100% of the temperature conditioning. In the winter the process is reversed. Through this radiant heating system, the geothermal installation provides approximately 60% of the heating with high energy efficient condensing boilers providing the balance during the coldest months.

Related Performance Goals:

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